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Les Enfants Terribles


As a parent, you are blessed with the greatest creative challenge and joy of all: the unadulterated palate. Through cooking for your child, your own sensual expression, you are helping to form a new sense of taste, probably for life. However, nuances of flavour also come from our sense of smell; the largest part of the brain is related to smell, and it is our longest-term memory. By letting him or her smell good food cooking, and tasting it, your child will retain those early memories for ever.

Source: Blanc Vite

Is there a link between creativity and unethical behaviour?

This raises a question: Is there a link between creativity and unethical behavior?

"Dan and I started wondering whether there is something about the creative process that triggers dishonest behavior."
There certainly is, according to an article in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. In "The Dark Side of Creativity: Original Thinkers Can Be More Dishonest," the authors report that inherently creative people tend to cheat more than noncreative types. Furthermore, they show that inducing creative behavior tends to induce unethical behavior.

It's a sobering thought in a corporate culture that champions out-of-the-box thinking.


La Bonne Femme


Without pretending to understand everything about women, I know that they have special nutritional needs. Hormones are crucially related to nutrition, and women’s lives are dominated by hormonal activity – the years of the monthly cycle, through childbearing, and into menopause. Vitamin B6, essential fats and Superfoods can help stabilize the menstrual cycle and relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension (PMT). The recent debates on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have highlighted soya as an excellent source of naturally occurring oestrogen; the contribution this makes to regulate hormonal activity can alleviate hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms.

A woman has irregular calls on resources throughout her life – the demands of a baby during pregnancy, for instance – and these can all be perfectly well accommodated provided she eats correctly and well. If she has not done so, however, she may develop some deficiency diseases, the commonest of which is osteoporosis. To protect against this, she should ensure she always has good sources of calcium and Vitamin.

Source: Blanc Vite

Ménage à Trois

MENAGE A TROIS (A Household of Three)

As a man, I may be occasionally insensitive to female needs, but never as a chef. As both, I have often wondered why pregnant women have cravings for extraordinary things like petrol fumes, gherkins and chalk. It would be wonderful if could, in this book, develop those odd cravings into longings for the very best of foods!

Preconceptual care is now a whole nutritional specialty for hopeful mamans, but men also have a nutritional role to play when trying to conceive. Our old friend Casanova was quite right about the aphrodisiac the oyster – Zinc – rich foods are said to be excellent for sperm production. In Denmark, organic farmers consuming their own produce had twice the sperm count of men eating commercially grown products. So practising an organic lifestyle could be a real act of love towards your imminent new family.

Source: Blanc Vite

Sense of Smell

The human sense of smell is often seen as insignificant, dismissed as a distant also-ran to our keen eyesight or sensitive hearing. But this sense is keener and more influential on our species than many people realize. In particular, as Auger’s fanciful art project illustrates, smell facilitates a variety of human social interactions, both casual and intimate. Indeed, people who lose their sense of smell often gain a new appreciation for its importance [see “When the Nose Doesn’t Know,” by Eleonore von Bothmer; Scientific American Mind, October/November 2006] 


Fragrance Safety and Regulation

Fragrance Safety and Regulation The scientific director of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) provides an overview of the regulatory environment for the fragrance industry, regulatory bodies, the fragrance regulation process and the segment's relative preparedness for overarching regulation. Top 10 Scents Compiled by Scent Marketing Institute/SCENTtrends: Feel safe, secure and nostalgic: Talcum powder Be more alert: Peppermint, citrus Relax: Lavender, vanilla, chamomile Perceive a room as smaller: Barbecue smoke Perceive a room as bigger: Apple, cucumber Buy expensive furniture: Leather, cedar Buy a home: Fresh baked goods Browse longer and spend more: Tailored floral/citrus scents Develop road rage: Unpleasant smells (rotting rubbish, air pollution) Become sexually aroused: For men: pumpkin pie/lavender, for women: the sweat of nursing mothers Note: Individual memory plays a role. If you have had a traumatic experience involving vanilla, you probably will not find that smell pleasant at all.


Scent Marketing

The Scent Marketing Institute is the leading authority on scent and sensory marketing in the world. We provide information, education and support to scent solution providers and manufacturers, brand owners, marketing agencies and the press about the effects and benefits of scent and sensory marketing.

Why Use Sensory Marketing?

Human beings use most or all of their five senses when making decisions. Some of the information received through the senses register on a conscious level, and other information is processed on a subconscious, but no less powerful level. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that when making buying decisions, we are influenced by sight, sound, smell, touch, and sometimes taste and when the product appeals to multiple senses, the message is reinforced in an exponential way. Nevertheless, the vast majority of marketing messages and money is spent utilizing only the sense of sight and less often, sound leaving out the other three senses.


Le Marketing Olfactif

Les souvenirs olfactifs s’acquièrent dès la petite enfance et durent quelques années contre quelques mois pour les souvenirs visuels. Il est donc primordial de solliciter ce sens dès lors qu’on veut mettre en avant un produit, une marque ou un point de vente.

Le marketing olfactif - ou l’utilisation des odeurs à des fins mercantiles - est l'un des composants du marketing sensoriel.

Depuis deux décennies environ, les professionnels du marketing ont découvert les pouvoirs de l’odeur dans une campagne de communication. Ce sens était en effet quelque peu oublié auparavant car il fallait mettre en œuvre des technologies assez sophistiquées pour le solliciter. Pourtant, c’est la mémoire olfactive qui est la plus efficace : les souvenirs olfactifs s’acquièrent dès la petite enfance et durent quelques années contre quelques mois pour les souvenirs visuels. Il est donc primordial de solliciter ce sens dès lors qu’on veut mettre en avant un produit, une marque ou un point de vente.

The 7 Nutritional Ages of Man

SEVEN NUTRITIONAL “AGES’ OF MAN It is undeniable that at certain times of life our bodies have differing nutritional needs. With the invaluable help of Dr Monro, I have examined a number of ‘ages’ or categories, and detailed lifestyles and foods that might be suitable. TOUJOURS LES VACANCES (Always Vacation) Our twenties and thirties are addictive, exciting years when ambition, deadlines, enthusiasms and a quest for success seem all consuming. We have always lived with these sorts of stresses, but it is only when stress becomes relentless that it threatens the body, making us feel like cornered animals with no opportunity to escape. The adrenal glands start speeding metabolism, and this automatically alters the rate at which our body uses its resources. Replenishment of these is imperative in those leading a high-powered lifestyle, and this involves resting, away from the stress. A balance between sleep and a busy life is also crucial. Good sleep at night is vital in many ways, but good sleep also releases Melatonin, the main hormone that automates our hormone system.

Source: Blanc Vite

The Principles of a Healthy Diet


To assist in the provision of the best health I have listed the principles of a basic diet, some of which of course cross over with the ‘Ten Blanc Commandments’

1. Eat fresh unrefined food, organic if possible.
2. Enjoy a varied diet.
3. Take pure fruit juices, unsweetened.
4. Drink bottled or filtered water.
5. Avoid artificial flavorings, colorings and additives.
6. Avoid processed foods
7. Try not to consume too much preserved, tinned, smoked, heavily salted or pickled foods.
8. Avoid instant drinks such as fizzy cordials; they contain sugar, preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
9. Minimise sugar and sugary foods, e.g. sweets, cakes, biscuits and tinned fruit in syrup.
10. Take small, regular meals rich in protein, vegetables and fruits.
11. Cook in a healthy way – boiling, roasting, poaching, steaming and pan-frying in a minimum of fat.
12. Try to include Superfoods containing ‘vita-nutrients’ in your diet.

Source: Blanc Vite
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