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Sell’ not ‘Tell’…
D2SBEditor | Aug 07, 2012 | Comments 0

I was sort of eavesdropping again yesterday. I know, I know, but it wasn”t really my fault. After all, if people insist on shouting and you are seated no more than six feet away from them, then it”s impossible not to hear what”s going on. Anyway, I can assure you, my uncouthness was all in the cause of learning. I should probably explain.



Los Angeles' Craft Cocktail Scene Spills onto a Wider Stage
Aug 08, 12 | 12:01 am



Social Media

In our last installment of the "Strengthening Your Social Media Presence" series, we will be covering the importance of knowing and using correct social media etiquette to interact with your following. By now, you have already improved the quality of content you promote through your social media outlets and have begun to build a sturdy foundation of followers. At this point, the trick is to keep those followers happy with how you interact with them and present your brand online. By proving to your followers (and potential followers) through social media networks that you're "in the know," they'll be more likely to be happy subscribers via your email list. The last thing you would want is for a follower that is considering opting in to think less of your content or brand because of a silly mistake that you are unaware you've made.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when posting on all social media accounts to prevent an offensive or ignorant faux pas:
Don't rely on scheduled messages for 100% of your communication.


Ten Reasons Winners Keep Winning

Ten Reasons Winners Keep Winning, Aside from Skill
by Rosabeth Moss Kanter | 7:00 AM August 1, 2012
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Whether the game involves competing every four years in the Olympics or every day in a business, winning brings advantages that make it easier to keep winning.

To understand sustainable success, I compared perpetual winners with long-term losers in professional and amateur sports and then matched the findings to business case studies for my book Confidence. The sports were a comprehensive mix including women's soccer, men's and women's college basketball, major league baseball, U.S. football, international cricket, and North American ice hockey.

I found that winners gain ten important advantages as a result of victory — and that smart leaders can cultivate and build on these advantages to make the next success possible.



We have covered the Vitamins and have touched at the richest sources and what they are good for in the body. It is necessary that each person takes sufficient of these vitamins into the body through nutrition. A lack of certain vitamins can easily lead to diseases and an insufficient resistance to germs and bacteria, antioxidants and the likes. Next to the vitamins is there a whole set of minerals that need to be taken in the body through the diet. We will have a look here at the most important and what they are good for in the body plus where they come from. Calcium Calcium is needed for our bones, teeth and muscles. Adequate Vitamin D is necessary for its absorption. Sources: Dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and canned fish with edible bones, pulses Chromium It is necessary for blood sugar control, which we have seen can contribute to sugar disease and to unnecessary fat production through the liver. Sources: Whole grains, shellfish, nuts, mushrooms, and wheat-germ.

Source: Food for Thought



Interviewing job candidates is tough, especially because some candidates are a lot better at interviewing than they are at working.

To get the core info you need about the candidates you interview, here's a simple but incredibly effective interview technique I learned from John Younger, the CEO of Accolo, a cloud recruiting solutions provider. (If you think you've conducted a lot of interviews, think again: Younger has interviewed thousands of people.)

Here's how it works. Just start from the beginning of the candidate's work history and work your way through each subsequent job. Move quickly, and don't ask for detail. And don't ask follow-up questions, at least not yet.

Go through each job and ask the same three questions:

1. How did you find out about the job?

2. What did you like about the job before you started?

3. Why did you leave?

"What's amazing," Younger says, "is that after a few minutes, you will always have learned something about the candidate--whether positive or negative--that you would never have learned otherwise."

Here's why:

How did you find out about the job?




It's a common problem for a small start-up: You have a great product, but it's tough getting the word out in a crowded marketplace. Especially when your marketing budget can't match those of your better established competitors. Pinterest may be a way to level that playing field.

That's how it worked for Lisa Daniel and Elizabeth Thurer, co-founders of Elizabeth Daniel New York. "We were looking for a product that didn't exist," Thurer explains. "We loved the look of a woven white shirt but hated the feel. So we did a hybrid shirt that has a knit body and a crisp woven collar."

The company launched in October 2011, and had sold more than 1,000 shirts by the end of the year. "We knew we were a success when stores started contacting us and requesting inventory," Thurer says. The shirts are now carried in 25 retail stores.




London Calling – citizenM Answers! New Bankside Hotel Brings Cool To The Capital

With its first property in London, the Dutch hotel group launches one of the most revolutionary spaces for sleep, work and play!

Controll TV, Mood, Temprature and blinds with a Samsung Tablet

Pre-opening Humor

Promoting the new citizenM London Bankside!
London Calling – citizenM Answers! New Bankside Hotel Brings Cool To The Capital

With its first property in London, the Dutch hotel group launches one of the most revolutionary spaces for sleep, work and play!

Amsterdam -- On July 4, 2012, acclaimed hotel group citizenM opens the doors to its first hotel in London - just in time for the Olympics. The new 192-room citizenM hotel is located in Bankside, London’s most exciting new business and cultural district, minutes from the Tate Modern Museum, the Globe Theatre and the Millennium Bridge.




About Julian F. Bond
After graduating with a BSc in Architecture at The Bartlett, UCL, London, Julian embarked on the MA Product Design course at the Royal College of Arts. His Pixel Machine, displayed at the graduation show in 2010, garnered a great deal of interest from galleries and the media, featuring on Dezeen and in the Guardian amongst others. Julian intends to design a series of projects that explore the relationship between design and enabling consumer authorship.

If you wish to commission and design your own pixel vase, or hire the machine for your gallery or exhibition, please contact Julian Bond directly. 


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