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Benchmark Hospitality International's Top Dining Trends of the Year

Wouter Liekens

Benchmark Hospitality International's Top Dining Trends of the Year
(Top Wine Trends follow.)
Dining Trend #1 The Search for Truth, Transparency and Clarity
There is a rising movement that wants to verify the truth behind oft-used descriptions of ingredients and dishes, such as Artisan, Natural, Healthy, Organic, Farm to Table, and Hand-crafted. These adjectives were previously solely used in the realm of chefs and culinary experts.
Today, however, we see a noticeable increase in the use of these descriptive words for products that lack credibility for the use of this language. The debasement of certain significant descriptors is being exploited for sheer commercial use without much value added to the guest experience, and this robs the true artisan producers from being recognized for the difference that they make in the quality of our food and our lives.
When fast food restaurants start claiming their product to be artisan related, it is time to revolt, and many chefs today say that time is now!
Dining Trend #2 Foraging: The Nature-Kitchen Partnership


Wouter Liekens

Can Eco-Tourism Help Underdeveloped Countries?
D1 Adelina | Sep 15, 2012 | Comments 1

Tourism might not be the ultimate answer to poverty and economic woes, but it is a major boon for places around the world that suffer from a lack of natural resources or industry. For instance, tourism is a hugely important industry in the Caribbean. Without flocks of resort-goers, nations in this part of the world would have to rely more heavily on agriculture, leaving their economies at the mercy of the fluctuating prices of commodities like coffee, sugar and bananas.

There are plenty of valid concerns about the environmental impact of hotel construction, excessive tourist traffic and cruise ships, but it isn’t fair to leave the positive economic impact out of the mass-tourism discussion. Large resorts employ hundreds of local people, and local entrepreneurs, from taxi drivers to guides to souvenir shop owners, benefit from the tourism trade.

What about eco-tourism? Is low-impact, nature-oriented travel as viable a moneymaking option as standard resort tourism?

Source: Forbes


Wouter Liekens

The Cola – Water Debate… This is especially directed to those that need arguments against cola! The text I merely got as a joke from a friend in my email and I have translated it into english and found it so interesting that I share it with you here. Water The University of Washington investigated and showed that one glass of water takes in 100% of the cases the hungry feeling away by people on a diet. My suggestion is when you are following a diet and you get a hungry feeling, take a glass of water, day and night. A lack of water is the most important cause of tiredness and lack of energy during the day. It has been investigated that drinking water releases immediatelly energy in the body. So when you feel tired, take a glass of water instead of a coffee during the day. With sufferers from back pain and weight problems it has been shown that the drinking of 8 to 10 glasses of water reduces the pain significantly. And if you don’t like water then you can always have it flavored with a teabag… A slight reduction of 2% of the available water in the body can result in incoherence of the short term memory and cause problems when calculating.


Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index BMI is the common acronym given to Body Mass Index, a number calculated from your weight and height that roughly correlates to the percentage of your total weight that comes from fat, as opposed to muscle, bone or organ. The higher a person's BMI, the higher the percentage of fat in their body. If your BMI is under 20, you might be underweight. Between 20 and 25, you are probably at a good healthy weight for your height. A BMI over 25 is considered overweight, and over 35 is considered obese. Charts and calculators to determine your BMI are easily found on most health and diet sites. Of course, these calculators are rough translations of true percentages, and there are a number of factors that might influence whether or not your BMI is a true reflection of your total body fat. For instance, muscle is denser than fat and takes up less space. Therefore a heavily muscled person might weigh more than a same sized over-weight person, or two individuals with identical BMI might have widely different percent body fat. In this case, calculating your percent body-fat might require more sophisticated equipment, such as an immersion tank.

Slick Mobile Lessons From a Small, Design and Boutique Hotel

Wouter Liekens

Slick Mobile Lessons From a Small, Design and Boutique Hotel
C1 Mariella | Sep 04, 2012 | Comments 0

Understanding your customer inside out, taking lessons from others who have done it well, knowing how much you have to spend, and getting the right technology partner on board are all key to a good design strategy. Pamela Whitby hears about the mobile strategy of one design and boutique hotel, which has also taken a few risks.
Most hoteliers should now understand the importance of reviews. But would they go as far as building a function into their mobile website so that guests can load entirely independent snaps or reviews of the room, restaurant, or facilities to the company’s own website in real-time? It certainly sounds like a risky strategy, but this is exactly what Viennese design and boutique hotel, Hollmann Beletage, has done.


Advertising: It's Not 'Mad Men' Anymore

Wouter Liekens

Advertising: It's Not 'Mad Men' Anymore

Q&A with: Alvin J. Silk
Published: August 22, 2012
Author: Michael Blanding

Executive Summary:
Three major forces have changed advertising since Don Draper last prowled the corridors of Sterling Cooper. Professor Emeritus Alvin J. Silk's decades of research finds an industry that, while evolving in fundamental ways, is healthy and creative.

About Faculty in this Article:

Alvin J. Silk is the Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at Harvard Business School.


Communicatie en Webdesign

Wouter Liekens

Geachte mevrouw, geachte heer,

Uw succes als zelfstandig ondernemer hangt in grote mate af van de kwaliteit van uw interne en externe communicatie. Een website en/of webshop, nieuwsbrieven, folders, prijslijsten en contracten in foutloos Nederlands, Frans en Engels dragen immers bij tot het goede imago van uw zaak. En een goed imago is een eerste stap naar commercieel succes! Cherto Communication Services is op dit vlak uw voorkeurspartner.

Wij verzorgen tegen een bijzonder gunstig tarief al uw vertalingen (inclusief revisie) en proofreading van en naar het Nederlands, Frans en Engels. Wij beschikken zowel over de bedrijfskundige als over de taalkundige expertise om u correcte, kwalitatief hoogstaande teksten af te leveren. Wilt u meer weten over onze communicatie- en webdesigndiensten


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