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If you have a successful retail store, restaurant, or local service, you've probably asked yourself: Could this be a franchise?

Franchising your business as a way to grow has clear advantages over simply expanding. You don't need to raise capital to open new locations. You don't have to cope with managing staff at one or more locations where you can't be present most of the time. And you get to share the risk: If a franchise location fails, you're not left explaining to creditors what went wrong.

But not every concept can make a good franchise, according to Shelly Sun, author of Grow Smart, Risk Less: A Low-Capital Path to Multiplying Your Business Through Franchising. Her healthcare agency BrightStar is now a franchise with more than 250 locations, and an Inc. 500 company. To find out if your small business could have the same kind of success, she recommends asking these questions:

1. Is demand for your product or service growing or shrinking overall?



Keep Your Strategies in Sync with Evolving Corporate Strategy
C2 Aakash | Oct 15, 2012 | Comments 0

Alignment in an organization can determine whether it succeeds or fails. Think of your car when the tires are out of alignment. The car drifts to one side, the steering wheel vibrates and it becomes difficult to drive straight to your destination. Such it is with a business: If the various parts or people move out of alignment, the entire structure will struggle under the strain and drift from the ultimate goal.

The trick for Human Resources professionals lies in determining where to align. Many simply align with the CEO to avoid conflict. Or they align their strategies with laws and regulations to avoid lawsuits. Yet the ultimate goal should be to align with the consumer, which is called “value chain alignment.” When you adjust your strategies to benefit the market, you will automatically come into alignment with the rest of the organization and become a contributor to its success. Here are a few example of how that might happen:

Traditional Task:Discipline an employee who’s not “playing well” with his manager


Great Leaders Are Great Communicators. Here's How They Do It!
Oct 11, 12 | 12:08 am



Vietnam a Fast-Growing High-End Holiday Destination
D1 Carol | Oct 10, 2012 | Comments 0

Vietnam now has world-class hotels and resorts, beaches, and cuisine, in addition to its natural beauty, rich history, and traditional culture. The country receives 300,000 Australian tourists yearly, and the number of tourists increases an average of 10% annually.

Australia is a very multicultural society, and many Australians are familiar with Vietnamese food and culture. Australians traveling to Vietnam are looking for a more authentic experience and seek to have a deeper understanding of the country’s culture, food, history, and everyday life.

While Thailand is geared more toward mass market tourism, Vietnam is a destination that is attractive to a more selective class of travelers. Vietnam is becoming more and more recognized as a safe and favored destination for high-end Australian tourists, thanks to direct and convenient flights and improvements in the tourism infrastructure.


7 Tech Trends

September 28, 2012
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You might think the ways technology is transforming the small-business workplace are so obvious they don’t need enumerating. Or you might think technology is changing so rapidly, our brains can’t keep up with the pace. After reading Dell’s Evolving Workforce report, I’m leaning toward the latter.

This wide-ranging study, conducted in conjunction with Intel, polled businesses and experts around the world to examine how technology is contributing to the evolution of the modern workforce. There’s tons of data to take in, but here are seven key points Dell identified, and my take on what they might mean to your small business.

What Not to Do in Revenue Management - Part Two

What Not to Do in Revenue Management - Part Two
Oct 03, 12 | 12:08 am


The Egg Brussels

Wouter Liekens

Event Venue Management

Working to place a large group in your hotel, but you haven't found the right venue for their event?

The Egg caters for up to 2000 persons.

Cherto works exclusively with THE EGG BRUSSELS

The Egg is based on the site of a huge 1930's post-industrial building of more than 14.000m2 strategically located close to the TGV Midi Railway Station, its parking and its hotels.

On the ground floor of around 10.000m2 there is an open reception area with cloakroom facilities, visitor's parking and audiovisual support within the building free to use; a large patio with an indoor waterway called the Riverside, meeting rooms, one recording studio, one auditorium, a wide exhibition hall, a projection room, a unique place for lunch debates and soon a hip café-restaurant. 

Contact Cherto for more information: sales [at] cherto [dot] be 

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