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We must urgently find a solution to all our current economic, social, ethical, cultural and environmental problems. We must use our imagination. The Egg offers a place where creativity and economics can efficiently and successfully interact. The Egg’s main goal is to promote cultural and technological innovations in the areas of communication, media and marketing in order to increase the role played by these fields in our society and in the economy. 

Everybody agrees that the future of Belgium lies in the development of its knowledge-based economy. But what does this mean exactly for the creative sector, and for the sub-sectors of communications, media and marketing in particular ? And how can we increase the importance and the international competitiveness of the sector ? In other words : what can we do to meet the Lisbon targets ? In our opinion, the growth of the creative sector depends essentially on a real effort to stimulate exchange within the sector. That’s why the Egg wants to support those targets by :

1. Promoting collaboration and alliances within the sector through the relocation of several key organizations to one location and through the allocation of a shared space and equipment for collaboration.

2. Being a source of inspiration to the sector for research, culture and technology.

The Egg will constantly stage events that will show the public the best of innovation in thought, projects and concepts. The Egg will ensure all the interactions between communication, culture and technology are fruitful while remaining transparent and honest. It is essential that all participants benefit from these alliances and exchanges. 

Source: The Egg

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