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The first thing to recognize about motivation is that there is no one thing that will motivate all of your people, all of the time; that's seems so obvious, I know, but one of the most frequent questions I get asked when I go into any business is "how can I motivate my staff?" Like there was a magic pill or something. Some points to consider here include: People are human and as such different so they will all be motivated in different ways. But there are common motivating factors which apply. People at work are more likely to be motivated by an effective leader, when communication is open and regular, when they feel valued and when their achievements are recognized and appreciated. Motivating your team at work is therefore primarily about two challenges. The first is to create a 'total environment within the team which contains as many of the common motivators as possible. The second is to get to know your team as individuals over time so that you can identify their individual motivators.
Source: Hospitality Net

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