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We’ve all made “that” hire. Great résumé, great interview, great job stability, great appearance, great references and great personality. Hired!The GM hired offers a solid year’s performance. Then, something happens. A couple of guests complain about the GM’s attitude. Financial auditors find a few “missed” invoices. Guest satisfaction scores take a slight dip. Several “issues” from the corporate payroll department about timeliness arise. There’s a misstep on the recent brand quality assurance exam.

Maybe the GM is bored or maybe he is having a bad couple months. Whatever the truth is, the GM’s boss should be focused on the point when the GM was hired and placed at that property. It’s possible the right person wasn’t hired for the right property. If it is determined he is not right, then swift action should be taken. But for this article, we’ll focus on how NOT to let it get to that point.

The best hotel leaders see things others don’t
Here are five unique steps the boss could have taken during the final phase of the interviewing process to crack through the surface and discover the good, bad or ugly truths underneath the GM’s great résumé and interviewing performance. 


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