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Basic Components of Diet


Fibre consists mostly of cellulose, a substance forming plant cell structures (skin, husks, peels etc.) it is non-digestible carbohydrate, and is not absorbed by the body. But fibre has another use: it slows the rate of absorption of other carbohydrates into the bloodstream. The higher the fiber content of a carbohydrate, the less glycaemic it is. Fiber-rich foods include whole cereals (bran in particular), pulses, dried fruit, baked potatoes (with skins) and green leafy vegetables. Peel fruit and vegetables as thinly as possible, or not at all.

The second biggest killer cancer is bowel cancer. This could be prevented by a food intake of fibre on a daily basis (vegetables, fruit and cereals). Insoluble fibre increases bulk in the stool, and encourages more fluid retention in the stool and healthy action of the bowel in general. Soluble fibre slows and moderates absorption of sugar and glycaemic foods. 

Source: Blanc Vite

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