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The Gift of Knowledge: A Few Books Hoteliers Shouldn't Be Without
Mar 11, 13 | 12:05 am

By Gordon James Gorman
My kids always try really hard to buy me cool birthday gifts that I will actually like and use as opposed to gifts that I might say I like, but actually later bury in some dusty attic drawer to be discovered by future generations of the Gorman clan.
This year however they came up trumps as they purchased two excellent business development books, with the help of my wife, which I enjoyed reading so much, ordered 20 copies of each, which I then brought back to Karachi as essential reading for my team leaders.
The first book is by New York Times bestselling author JOHN C. MAXWELL, entitled THE 15 INVALUABLE LAWS OF GROWTH.
Apart from being really impressed with my families choice of books, I was also pleased to be reminded that even though I am well in truly in what is often called “The Twilight Zone” for “well seasoned hoteliers”, i.e. closer to the age of 60 rather than 50, I can still learn a thing or two, and pass it on, simply by taking some time out to visit a bookshop once in a while to see what’s new in the world of business, a practice which sadly had gotten a little OUT of practice over these past 4-5 years, as I settled comfortably into what I thought might be my “last post”.
So even if you are over 40, over 50, or even over 60, but not over the hill, get out to your local bookstore this weekend and pull out a few of the latest books in the business section, because the more you learn, the more you earn, (even in the golden years) which is a little nugget of advice I have shared successfully with my kids throughout their school and college lives, and one which I hope they will eventually apply once they enter the real world.
Hospitably yours.
Gordon James Gorman
About the author
Gordon James Gorman is the General Manager of Avari Towers Karachi, Pakistan, and will complete five years of service to his colleagues, guests and owners in the summer of 2012.
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